Sailing the Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay

Join us as we sail from the Wide Bay Bar to Mooloolaba and then on to Moreton Bay.

In Mooloolaba, we forage for Warrigal greens (also known as New Zealand spinach) and cook them up for a delicious breakfast. We take in some of the local wildlife and encounter wild conditions when leaving the Mooloolaba River.

Once anchored at the mouth of the Caboolture River in Moreton Bay, we see a stunning double rainbow before sailing the next morning to Tangalooma Wrecks where we experience some extraordinary diving.

Between a Wreck and a Hard Place – Episode 97 – Free Range Sailing

3 thoughts on “Sailing the Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay

  1. Alex Reply

    Came across your You tubes and website whilst randomly surfing the net for anything that fitted my long held dream for cruising and living on the water. I have had this dream for over 40 years now. But never been in a position to follow it. Now I am retired and the home boss has said yes (all-be-it) without her. It’s time to stop dreaming and just do it.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration. Keep up the great stories. You have managed to get an old man off his butt and get moving, Thank you. It’s now time to lose some weight, get fit and go.

    • Pascale Post authorReply

      Hey Alex. That’s fantastic! Troy and I are super excited for you. Our tip is to get the smallest boat you can get away with not the biggest boat you can afford. Maintenance and upkeep can be expensive! Wishing you all the best, T & P

  2. David Reply

    I’m a local on Bribie Island. Just bought my first sailboat, a 1980 Quest 8 metre sloop. Just been down the Caboolture River to do a refit in Montys Marina. Sorry I missed you both. Looks like you were here September last year. All the best with the refit in Tassie!

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