Servicing a Katadyn PowerSurvivor Watermaker

Our water-maker fails, so Troy strips it down and troubleshoots the problem. As water-makers require periodic seal replacement, we hope this video shows you how simple it is, to field service a Katadyn Watermaker.

Along the way, we hope to share a bit of general know-how when pulling things apart and getting them to go back together!

*Note: We are not sponsored by, or affiliated with, Katadyn in any way.

We purchased our Katadyn PowerSurvivor outright in 2017.

1 thought on “Servicing a Katadyn PowerSurvivor Watermaker

  1. Chris Lee Reply

    We love ours too! Does yours do a little clonk at the end of each stroke? Sounds like there is a bit of slack in the big end bearing but might be normal. We are in shark bait at the moment heading very slowly north.

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