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We are Troy and Pascale, a couple of Australians exploring our beautiful country in a 30-foot sailboat called Mirrool. We have a passion for self-sufficiency and adventure and we want to share our live aboard and remote travel experiences with you. You can follow our weekly adventures on our YouTube channel, Free Range Sailing. These enormously popular videos are only possible thanks to the ongoing financial contributions from our fans.  Support our videos today!


Putting dinner on the table

Before becoming a full time Free Ranger, Troy had worked in a wide variety of fields from House Relocation to Industrial Climbing but living on the ocean has always been his first love. He entered the commercial marine world in 1997 as a Pearl Diver and left in 2015 as a Qualified Master 5 and Marine Engine Driver; Grade 1.

In addition, Troy has clocked up a few thousand hours underwater as a commercial harvest diver and if you look carefully, you can just make out gills and subtle webbing between his toes. He can live on an exclusive seafood diet for an unusually long time.


Smoking Spanish Mackerel jerky in the Kimberley

Pascale met Troy at his sister’s wedding on New Year’s Eve in 2014. Not long after that they were on their first date – a 4 month sailing trip to the Kimberley on Mirrool!

Fast forward to 2017, with no previous sailing background, Pascale quit her office job and became a full time live aboard cruiser with Troy. Together they documented their adventures as part of Free Range Sailing on YouTube. That first trip aboard was certainly a life changer!

Pascale is a self-confessed “foodie” and in her spare time you will find her trying out new recipes in the tiny galley, skimming cookbooks, watching cooking shows, fishing or foraging ashore for edibles. You can follow along with her food discoveries here.

She also has an Instagram page for her food creations here too!

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